Fine Tuning w/ Markus Maticic

A podcast created to share music, art, and stories.

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Episode Six (Kiel, Germany): Sons and Preachers is multi-genre band with roots in Germany and Indonesia. Consisting of Yonatan Pandelaki (Vocals/Keyboards/Organ), Tobias Lemberger (Vocals/Guitar), Myriam Lemberger (Vocals/Percussion), Volker Starr (Drums), Sons and Preachers tour around Germany as well as breaking ground in Yonatan’s native Indonesia. The band’s latest studio album is available to stream on Spotify. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for show info, updates, and backstage photos. Take a look at their YouTube channel for videos and live performances.

Episode Five (Copenhagen, Denmark): Steffen Galster is a Danish Folk Singer/Songwriter from Copenhagen. On the fifth episode of the podcast, Galster performs in English and Danish. English song, “Today I Broke Up With Trust” and Danish, “Sov Lille Ven.” Galster talks in-between songs about the culture of Copenhagen and the Danish music scene. Hear more of Steffen’s music on YouTube and Facebook.

Episode Four (Pittsburgh, PA): Kelly Brennan, former Breaking News reporter for WATE-TV in Pittsburgh, put her journalism career on hold to be a full-time mom for her and her husband's two daughters. Now, Brennan focuses her creative energy on her website to aid fellow mothers with support, advice, and encouragement. Follow Kelly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @kellybrennan412.

Kelly joins the podcast to talk about her career shift, parental focus, finding balance between the joys and struggles of motherhood, and believing in your unique path in life.

Episode Three Newark, OH): Angela Perley, frontwoman for the band Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons, performs two rock n roll songs acoustically with her lead guitarist Chris Connor. Perley and Maticic discuss new music, life on the road, and keeping a band together. Learn more about Angela and her band at

Episode Two (Grand Blanc, MI): Singer/Songwriter Mike Gentry joins Maticic to sing two songs and discuss the changes in the music industry from the local perspective. Gentry sings a song for Flint, MI and those effected by the water crisis. Learn more about Gentry at

Episode One (Pittsburgh, PA): Singer/Songwriter Sadie’s Song performs two beautiful songs on the debut episode of the podcast. Sadie talks about the origins of her name, hard work, and crafting stories. Learn more about Sadie’s music by visiting her Facebook page, Sadie’s Song.